CVM Class Library  8.1
This C++ class library encapsulates concepts of vector and different matrices including square, band, symmetric and hermitian ones in Euclidean space of real and complex numbers.
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
oCArrayDeleterArray deleter helper class
oCBandMatrixGeneralized band matrix class (not end-user)
oCBaseFunctionGeneric function (not end-user)
oCbasic_arrayAbstract array of numbers with increment between them. Root object for all library classes
oCbasic_cmatrixEnd-user class encapsulating matrix of complex numbers
oCbasic_cvectorEnd-user class encapsulating vector of complex numbers
oCbasic_fmatrixMatrix of functions class
oCbasic_functionEnd-user class encapsulating elementary function of real or complex numbers (depending on T type)
oCbasic_fvectorVector of functions class
oCbasic_rmatrixEnd-user class encapsulating matrix of real numbers
oCbasic_rvectorEnd-user class encapsulating vector of real numbers
oCbasic_scbmatrixEnd-user class encapsulating band square matrix of complex numbers
oCbasic_schmatrixEnd-user class encapsulating hermitian matrix of complex numbers
oCbasic_scmatrixEnd-user class encapsulating square matrix of complex numbers
oCbasic_srbmatrixEnd-user class encapsulating band square matrix of real numbers
oCbasic_srmatrixEnd-user class encapsulating square matrix of real numbers
oCbasic_srsmatrixEnd-user class encapsulating symmetric matrix of real numbers
oCBinaryFunctionGeneric binary function (not end-user)
oCcfmatrixMatrix of complex functions
oCcfvectorVector of complex functions
oCcvmexceptionLibrary exception class
oCErrMessagesInternal error messages holder
oCFArrayGeneralized array of functions class (not end-user)
oCFunctionFactoryFunction Factory (not end-user)
oCMatrixGeneralized matrix class (not end-user)
oCRandomizerRandom numbers generator
oCrfmatrixMatrix of real functions
oCrfvectorVector of real functions
oCSqMatrixGeneralized square matrix class (not end-user)
oCtype_proxyRead-write access for a particular value
\CUnaryFunctionGeneric unary function (not end-user)