CVM Class Library

This is an older version 5.6.2, July 10th, 2008 (see also history of changes). Please see the latest version for newer compilers.

The library is distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0. The following compilers and integrated development environments are currently supported:

If you want to rebuild Fortran subroutines included into the library, you'll also need the Intel Fortran 9.0 or higher for Win32 and Linux platform. The library can be linked with Intel MKL 9.0 or higher, with AMD ACML 3.6.0 or higher and with the native BLAS and LAPACK implementations.



Links to precompiled binaries for Win32, Win32 EM64T and Linux (IA32 and EM64T) platforms are given below (every archive contains both debug and release versions). They were built using the Intel Fortran and C++ 10.1.015. The MKL 10.0.012 (Windows) and 10.0.011 (Linux) libraries are dinamically linked with all MKL binaries (redistributables included). The AMD ACML 4.0.1 (3.6.0 for Linux 32 bit version) is dynamically linked with all ACML binaries (redistributables included).

 Win32 (x86)
 Win32 EM64T
 Linux, IA32 (x86)  cvmlib.5.6.2.mkl.ia32.tar.gz  cvmlib.5.6.2.acml.ia32.tar.gz  cvmlib.5.6.2.acml_mp.ia32.tar.gz
 Linux, EM64T  cvmlib.5.6.2.mkl.em64t.tar.gz  cvmlib.5.6.2.acml.em64t.tar.gz  cvmlib.5.6.2.acml_mp.em64t.tar.gz


Copyright (c) Sergei Nikolaev, 1992-2010. Welcome to my personal page.

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