CVM Class Library 7.0 (legacy)



Links to precompiled binaries for Win32, Win32 EM64T and Linux (IA32 and EM64T) platforms are given below (every archive contains both debug and release versions with regression test utilities). They were built using Intel Fortran and C++ compilers (aka Intel Composer XE 2013 Upd 1) for Windows and Intel Fortran for Linux. Intel MKL 11.0 Upd 1 (Windows and Linux) libraries are dynamically linked with MKL binaries. AMD ACML 4.4.0 (32 bit) and 5.3.0 (64 bit) libraries are dynamically linked with ACML binaries. Native BLAS and LAPACK 3.4.2 libraries are statically linked (Intel Fortran compiler used on Win32, gfortran 4.7.2 on Linux and gfortran 4.7.1 on MinGW). Make sure you also read this note about Intel vs. gcc binary compatibility on Linux.

   Native BLAS and LAPACK
 Win32 (x86)
 Win32 em64t
 Win32 em64t int64
 Linux ia32  cvmlib.7.0.lapack.ia32.tar.gz
 Linux em64t  cvmlib.7.0.lapack.em64t.tar.gz
 Linux em64t int64  cvmlib.7.0.lapack.em64t.ilp64.tar.gz
 MinGW ia32  cvmlib.7.0.lapack.ia32.mingw.tar.gz
 MinGW em64t  cvmlib.7.0.lapack.em64t.mingw.tar.gz
 MinGW em64t int64  cvmlib.7.0.lapack.em64t.ilp64.mingw.tar.gz
 Mac OS X 64-bit  cvmlib.7.0.mac.lapack.em64t.tar.gz
 Mac OS X 64-bit int64  cvmlib.7.0.mac.lapack.em64t.ilp64.tar.gz
 Win32 (x86)
 Win32 em64t
 Win32 em64t int64
 Linux ia32  cvmlib.7.0.mkl.ia32.tar.gz  cvmlib.7.0.acml.ia32.tar.gz  cvmlib.7.0.acml_mp.ia32.tar.gz
 Linux em64t  cvmlib.7.0.mkl.em64t.tar.gz  cvmlib.7.0.acml.em64t.tar.gz  cvmlib.7.0.acml_mp.em64t.tar.gz
 Linux em64t int64  cvmlib.7.0.mkl.em64t.ilp64.tar.gz  cvmlib.7.0.acml.em64t.ilp64.tar.gz  cvmlib.7.0.acml_mp.em64t.ilp64.tar.gz

Pre-built Fortran Libraries


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