Ph.D. thesis

I had defended the thesis "Speed Function Properties and Feedback Control of Linear Nonsationary System" on December 23, 1998. The defence took place on the session of the Dissertation Board K.064.47.01 of Undmurt State University. My scientific supervisor is professor Tonkov E.L. Official opponents are professors Maksimov V.P. and Ushakov V.N. The leading organization is Moscow State University, Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty. The thesis consists of an abstract, three chapters, 12 sections, 31 figures and the bibliography. The volume of this work is 117 pages. The bibliography contains 43 references.

You can download texts and the abstract of the thesis here. These texts were prepared in DOS-version of the LaTeX2e publishing system. The language of these texts is Russian.
TeX-files of the thesis (zip, 92K) TeX-files of the abstract (zip, 17K)
BMP-files of the thesis (zip, 1097K) BMP-files of the abstract (zip, 149K)
DVI-files of the thesis (zip, 117K) DVI-files of the abstract (zip, 24K)

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