6 3D Graphics

6.1 3D Drawer window

Click to bring 3D Drawer window (available when system dimension is 2 or greater). You can open few windows by clicking this button multiple times.

Here you can choose what variable to assign to what axis and rotate solutions drawing using slides and spinners on the left side. Left/right click + mouse drag rotate by XY and XZ exes respectively. Use Zoom spinner to scale the drawing.

6.2 Pan

Click Pan button to enter Panning mode (mouse cursor changes). You can drag your drawing for exploring its different parts.

6.3 Settings

Click Drawer Settings button to bring settings window:

Here you can:

Turn on/off axes. If axes are turned on you can:
Eidt line widths for axes and solutions (in pixels).
Change diameter of solution handles (in pixels).

6.4 Export to File

Click Export to File button to open Export window:

Here you can:

Choose image type:

This list is platform-dependent.

Set image width and height in pixels.
Set JPEG quality if it’s selected.
Make the drawer to open newly created image using OS default viewer.

6.5 Help

Click Help button to open Runge Manual.