2 Quick Tour

When started, Runge looks like this:

Main Window

There are 4 areas here:

Menu and toolbar.
Left pane with four selectable sub-panes.
Solutions computed.
Right pane with equations you enter and solutions’ values you compute.

If you click Start button Start Button at this moment it would solve x˙= 0, t ∈ [0,1]  problem. That’s because empty field for F(t,x)  system on the right pane is equivalent to 0 and default range for independent variable is [0,1]  . Click Start button Start Button or choose “Start” item in “Run” menu

Run Menu

Select “Solutions” subpane and click on first solution to see results on the right pane:


The columns you see out there are: values of independent variables ti,i = 0,1,... , solution values x(ti),i = 0,1, ... and recommended step values. You can also delete this solution or export it to MS Excel comma-separated values file or to MATLAB script using the following buttons:

Click 2D Draw button 2D Draw Button to see solution graph:

2D Draw Window